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Emancipated Cinema: A Conversation with Lav Diaz

MUBI's retrospective devoted to Filipino auteur Lav Diaz, It's About Time: The Cinema of Lav Diaz , is exclusively playing worldwide October 8, 2016 - July 27, 2017.
The wonderful Lav Diaz had a spectacular 2016—winning separate prizes for different new films at the Berlin (A Lullaby to the Sorrowful Mystery), Oberhausen (The day before the end) and Venice (The Woman Who Left) film festivals—and in-between shooting a new film has traveled to the United Kingdom to participate in a symposium at the University of Westminster. While in London, Lav dropped by MUBI's office to talk with us about his filmmaking process, celluloid vs. digital, future projects, and much more.
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