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FILMADRID & MUBI: The Video Essay—"Beyond Action"

The Video Essay  is a joint project of MUBI and FILMADRID Festival Internacional de Cine. Film analysis and criticism found a completely new and innovative path with the arrival of the video essay, a relatively recent form that already has its own masters and is becoming increasingly popular. The limits of this discipline are constantly expanding; new essayists are finding innovative ways to study the history of cinema working with images. With this non-competitive section of the festival both MUBI and FILMADRID will offer the platform and visibility the video essay deserves. The  six selected works  will be shown during the dates of FILMADRID (June 7 - 16, 2018) on MUBI’s cinema publication, the Notebook. There will also be a free public screening of the selected works during the festival. The selection was made by the programmers of MUBI and FILMADRID.
Beyond Action
Video essay by Ana Rodríguez León
The wife of a pilot in the film Top Gun discusses the interconnection between the images throughout time and the mystery involving his husband’s death. Can an image kill a man? A fiction essay that analyzes the boundaries amongst image, violence and reality.
La mujer de uno de los pilotos enemigos de la película Top Gun elabora una disertación sobre la interconexión de las imágenes a través del tiempo y del misterio que rodea la muerte de su marido. ¿Puede una imagen matar a un hombre? Ensayo que analiza las fronteras entre imagen, violencia y realidad.

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